‘Captain’ Cha Jun-hwan did it… Korean figure skating team trophy, first ever silver medal

Korean figure skating has splendidly decorated the finale of this season. It was the first time ever to win a medal in a national competition in which men and women’s national teams competed together.

Korea finished second 카지노사이트(with a total score of 95 points) at the International Skating Union (ISU) Figure Skating World Team Trophy held in Tokyo, Japan on the 15th. They reaffirmed their position as a figure skating powerhouse by claiming a silver medal in the competition they participated in for the first time. The World Team Trophy is a national team competition that was newly established in 2009. The 6 countries with the best performance during the season will participate. This year, Korea, the United States, Japan, Italy, France, and Canada competed for supremacy.

South Korea looked difficult to win a silver medal until the very end of this tournament. They ran second until the next day, but on the last day, the 15th, in pair free skating, Cho Hye-jin and Stephen Atcock were shaken as they placed last. In addition, in the men’s single free skating, Lee Si-hyung received a low score of 124.82 points, the lowest (12th place), and seemed to be moving away from the silver medal.

However, in Korea, there was a ‘signboard star’ Cha Jun-hwan who was in charge of the national team captain. Just like last month at the World Championships, she performed flawlessly and took first place overall. He received a Technical Score (TES) of 95.54 and an Artistic Score (PCS) of 92.88 for a total of 187.82 points. Cha Jun-hwan, who started skating in line with the original soundtrack of the movie ‘007’ series No Time to Die, succeeded in a series of high-level four-round jumps. He performed the quadruple salchow and the quadruple toeloop without difficulty. In addition, the triple lutz-triple loop combination jump and triple flip were also stably successful. In the last jump, the Triple Lutz-Single Oiler-Triple Salchow combination jump, a quarter landing (if the number of jump rotations is less than 90 degrees) was judged, but there was no significant deduction. With Cha Jun-hwan’s performance at the forefront, Korea added 12 ranking points, overtaking Japan in third place by only one point and moving up to second place. The championship was won by the United States with a total score of 120 points.

Meanwhile, Lee Hae-in’s performance in the female singles also shone in this competition. She took first place in both the short program and free skating, making her silver medalist. Kim Ye-rim placed 7th in the short program, but rebounded to 3rd place in the free skating and added strength. On the other hand, in the pairs, in which Cho Hye-jin and Stephen Adcock competed, and in the ice dance, in which Im Ha-na and Quan-ye paired, all of them swallowed regret as they placed last.

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