‘Busan return kick’ DNA came out‥”Changed to attempted murder charges such as rape”

The so-called Busan Kick Case, where a man indiscriminately assaulted a woman on her way home from work.

A little while ago, the appeals hearing was held.

In the first trial, he was sentenced to 12 years in prison, but a little while ago, the prosecution asked the court to impose a sentence of 35 years in prison, which is higher than the first trial.

Let’s go to our reporter.

Reporter Liu Jemin, what were the highlights of today’s trial?

Reporter ▶

Yes, there was.

It was whether the defendant’s DNA was detected on the victim’s clothes, and whether this would add a rape charge to the defendant’s charges.

The result was DNA, and the main charge was changed from attempted murder to attempted murder with rape.

A little while ago, the appellate decision hearing in the Busan back-kick case ended, and the prosecution changed the defendant’s charge from attempted murder to “attempted murder including rape” and asked for 35 years in prison.

That’s a 15-year increase from the 20-year sentence he received in the first trial.

This major turnaround in the case was due to DNA re-analysis of the victim’s clothing.

The defendant’s DNA was found in five places on the victim’s jeans: four spots and one spot on her cardigan.

This gave the prosecution strong evidence that a sexual assault had taken place in the seven minutes that the CCTV footage was missing, and it was on this basis that they sought 35 years in prison.

However, the accused continued to deny all charges today, admitting only to wounding.

The victim, who was in court today and watched the trial unfold, submitted an opinion that the accused has shown no remorse to this day, that he is highly likely to reoffend by publicly foreshadowing retaliatory crimes, and that he needs to be isolated from society메이저사이트.

She also cried in the courtroom and requested that the defendant be severely punished and his identity disclosed.

“He’s going to get out of jail, that’s just the way it is, I think he’s going to get out one day, so I’m a little anxious and scared because it’s just around the corner.”

The appeals court’s final decision is due on the 12th of next month.

As the charges were changed from attempted murder to attempted rape and murder, a heavier sentence is expected on appeal.

This is MBC News’ Ryu Jemin, reporting from the Busan District Court.

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