Black Combat’s second match against Deep in Japan on the 18th… Black representative “expected to win 4-3”

This time it is an away game.

BLACK COMBAT crossed the ocean and headed to Tokyo on the 16th to face Japan’s DEEP.

Black Combat will compete against Deep in a 7-on-7 match with its elite fighters at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan on the 18th.

This is my second clash with Deep. Last February, Deep was brought to Korea and had a 5-on-5 match.

The result was a thrilling comeback win of 3-2. Hong Ye-rin lost to Saori Oshima and Da-won Yoon lost to Juri Ohara, leading to a 0-2 score, but Jong-hoon Kim defeated Seigo Yamamoto, Min-woo Kim defeated Daisuke Nakamura, and Won-jun Choi defeated Yukinori Akazawa to turn the game around.

I’m trying to drive a wedge this time. Four champions, including Hae-jun Yang, Song-ha Lee, Seung-min Shin, and Si-yoon Park, and three champion-level players, including Jun-seo Choi, Soo-young Yoo, and Seong-woong Kim, took the lead.

In addition, there are three unified title matches with the championship belts of both organizations at stake, including △lightweight Lee Song-ha vs. Juri Ohara, △bantamweight Yoo Soo-young vs. Ishizuka Kouchi, and atomweight Park Si-yoon vs. Saori Oshima, so they cannot back down.

Likewise, Deep risked his life and death. After an upset defeat in Korea, we came to our senses and selected elite members. If they lose again on their home ground to Black Combat, a new organization that is only a year old, the pride of the organization that boasts 22 years of history will fall to the ground.

‘Black’ CEO Park Pyeong-hwa has a feeling that this match will be a fierce one. In an interview with SPOTV News on the 15th, a narrow victory was predicted.

“The odds of winning at 4-3 are the highest. However, surprisingly, I think even 5-2 is possible if even one person in the flyweight, featherweight, or atomweight division creates a variable,” he said.

CEO Park Pyeong-hwa said, “I have a good chemistry with Ryo Sakai,” and chose veteran Hae-jun Yang, the most experienced player among the players, as a sure-win card.

Haejun Yang debuted as Spirit MC in 2008 and served as Road FC champion. Total record: 14 wins, 6 losses. He will face Ryo Sakai in the main event of this tournament.

The fighter chosen as a variable is Park Si-yoon, who meets a strong champion named Saori Oshima.

Representative Park Pyeong-hwa said, “Given their career and playing style, the winning rate cannot be considered high. So I had a lot of conversations with Park Si-yoon. I told him to cause an upset. Then, we can even win 5-2.”

Black Combat had a conflict of opinion with Deep over a unified title match. Representative Park Pyeong-hwa wanted to put the title on the line in all seven games, but Deep’s CEO Shigeru Saeki said he had never made such a promise and backed off.

After drawing parallel lines, the two representatives eventually sat down at the negotiating table and agreed on three games for the title.바카라사이트

During this process, there was speculation that this could be the last exchange between the two organizations.

However, CEO Park Pyeong-hwa explained, “No matter who wins the title match, the rosters of both organizations will be mixed. Exchanges will naturally continue.” This means that either the Black Combat Japanese champion will come to Korea and defend the title, or the deep Korean champion will go to Japan and defend the title.

He added, “The unified champion promised with CEO Saeki that he would defend the title by going back and forth between both organizations.”

Now only the weigh-in and the match remain. The seven athletes will spend a day in Japan and step on the scale at 12:45 p.m. on the 17th. The competition starts at 6pm on the 18th.

A confrontation between the two organizations that attacked Bae Su-jin. This may not be the end, but the beginning.

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