Black Combat’ Lee Young-hoon “I will play the game that the fans want more than the title match”

I will do my best to become a player who is always expected without falling short of fans’ expectations.” ‘Young Tiger’ Lee Yeong-hoon 메이저놀이터(

23, Timpath), who is ranked 4th in the lightweight ranking of the domestic martial arts group ‘Black Combat’, said on the 25th, “The title match Rather than being a player to receive shots, I will become a player who makes matches that fans love.”

Although this player has just passed the age of the contract, he is regarded as a ‘Strike Strong’ in the Black Combat Lightweight class to the extent that he has played 12 professional matches. Nevertheless, when players in the same weight class are trying to get a championship belt, Lee emphasizes that he will lead his life as a natural player by taking steps step by step.

He explained, “I don’t deliberately ‘call out’ to get a shot for the title match, and I don’t particularly like it.” .

As he declared, rather than a title fight, he is focusing on a rematch with the ‘Hunter’ Park Jong-heon (No. 1 in the Black Combat Lightweight Ranking) that fans are expecting. In the past, this player beat Park in another martial arts organization, but was defeated by submission in the recent Black Combat Revenge Match.

This player is having a hard time enough to come to a plateau after the defeat, but he is holding on to his mentality and is concentrating on exercising again. He said, “After losing to Park, I was so angry that I couldn’t leave the house.” “I had an upset stomach during the game,

Next, this player said, “Since we lost to Park by submission, martial arts fans are worried about ‘grappling’ compared to hitting, which is their strength, but we are making up for it by collaborating with grappling experts.” I will fight hard and become a fighter loved by fans.”

Currently, he does not divide the playing season and off-season, and is devoted to his workouts except for bedtime. Lee said, “His father is a firefighter, so he’s risking his life, and he’s like, ‘Can I do this?’ I always go to the game with the mindset of “I will try to return to the game in the middle of this year for the fans, and I will become a hot player in the game.”

At the same time, he expressed his aspirations, saying, “I will achieve more results in domestic martial arts organizations such as Black Combat, and will definitely challenge overseas organizations such as UFC and Bellator before I turn 30.

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