Basics, the words that support Samsung Electronics SSIT

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above mentioned keywords represent SSIT of Samsung Electronics. They took this to heart and put it into action on the court.

Samsung Electronics SSIT was held at the gym near Gwanak-gu, Seoul on the 29th at the EVISU SPORTS Cup 2023 The K Employee Basketball League ( 1st Group D preliminary round, Nam-joo Cho (18 points, 3 assists, 3 steals, 4 3-point shots), Hwang In-geun (18 points, 4 rebounds, 3 steals) jointly scored 36 points, and all 11 attendees, including Han Jae-young (10 points, 6 assists, 4 steals) and Pang Ji-man (10 points), performed evenly, making Goyang City Hall 85-85. It was set at 34 and recorded three consecutive wins, confirming the first to advance to the finals.

He was faithful to the basics and gave his best on the court. The loose appearance he showed in the last match was nowhere to be found. With Jo Nam-joo and his eldest brother Hwang In-geun taking the center stage, Do Young-hyeon (4 points and 12 rebounds), Hwang Gwang-hyeon (8 points and 12 rebounds), Kwak Nam-hyuk and Kim Seung-hyun kept the bottom of the net, Kim Gwan-shik (5 points and 6 rebounds) and Kang Hwan Kang (6 points and 3 rebounds). crossed the borders of this Han Jae-young was in charge of game management along with Park Byung-jun (2 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists), and Paige Ji-man, who made his debut that day, imprinted his skills on his teammates.

Goyang City Hall learned many lessons apart from the score difference. I recognized the role I had to play on the court and acted, and I realized the importance of basic skills such as the backcourt and many movements. Ace Jung Heung-joo (23 points, 12 rebounds, 3 3-point shots) and Jang Young-jun (8 points, 15 rebounds) stepped up, and all players, including Kim Dong-gun, Hwang In-seong, Park Jung-hee, Lee Je-yong, Kim Tae-hwan and the eldest brother Choi Hyung-woo, are trying to renew their mindset in the game. It became a trigger.

From the beginning, SSIT of Samsung Electronics pushed hard. Ace Jo Nam-joo took the lead. As soon as he started, he hit two 3-point shots to finish warming up, then he persistently dug into gaps in the opponent’s defense by using his mid-range and breakthrough ability. He led the team’s offense by scoring 13 points in the first quarter alone. Han Jae-young was in charge of the game management, and Do Young-hyeon, Kwak Nam-hyuk, and Hwang Gwang-hyeon actively attacked the bottom of the goal.  

Goyang City Hall confronted head-on with Jung Heung-ju in the midst of the opponent’s offensive. Jang Young-jun started a rebound fight with Kim Dong-gun, and Hwang In-seong and Choi Hyeong-woo tried to refine the defense organization through guard line pressure. However, it was difficult to overcome the opponent’s momentum because they allowed quick attacks in quick succession.

It was the same in the second quarter. Instead of calling in all the players who played in the first quarter, such as Cho Nam-joo and Han Jae-young, Park Byeong-jun, Hwang In-geun, Kang-hwan Kang, Paeng Ji-man, and Kim Seung-hyun were put in to pay attention to physical strength. While Park Byeong-jun concentrated on managing the game on behalf of Han Jae-young, his eldest brother Hwang In-geun actively dug under the goal with Hwang Gwang-hyun, showing concentration by driving 12 points in the second quarter alone.

Goyang City Hall also launched a counterattack. Jung Heung-ju, who struggled with Samsung Electronics’ SSIT cooperative defense, turned his eyes to the outskirts. He made a shot from outside the 3-point line, dug into the paint zone, and repeatedly attempted to earn a foul. Jang Young-joon also joined the quick attack with Jung Heung-joo and raised the score.

In the second half, SSIT of Samsung Electronics launched an onslaught. Han Jae-young, Cho Nam-joo, and Paengman Ji-man played back and forth and repeated scoring. Do Young-hyeon, Kwak Nam-hyeok, and Hwang Gwang-hyeon did their best to get the defensive rebound off. Of the 26 points he posted in the third quarter, he scored more than 20 with his fast break. Kang Kang-Hwan and Kim Kwan-Sik boosted their morale by successfully shooting from the mid-range.

Goyang City Hall, led by Jung Heung-joo, Kim Dong-gun and Choi Hyung-woo counterattacked the opponent’s offensive. However, he was pushed back in the rebound fight and made a series of mistakes. It was to the extent that it was difficult for his feet to come off because he allowed quick attacks in quick succession.

By the third quarter, the score difference reached 47 points. Nevertheless, Samsung Electronics SSIT did not loosen its reins. Hwang In-geun actively stepped forward, and Kang-hwan Kang, Kim Gwan-sik, and Paeng Ji-man did their best to defend Goyang City Hall ace Jeong Heung-ju.

Goyang City Hall also attempted a final counterattack centered on Jung Heung-ju. Jung Heung-ju overcame the opponent’s concentration mark, hit a 3-point shot, and kicked the rebound to score again. Jang Yeong-joon also scored a goal after receiving a pass from teammates such as Jeong Heung-ju. However, too much time had passed to overcome the widening gap. Samsung Electronics SSIT put a wedge in the game with Kim Kwan-shik and Kang-hwan Kang at the forefront.

Meanwhile, Hwang In-geun, the eldest SSIT of Samsung Electronics, was selected as the EVISU SPORTS ( MATCH MVP for this match, as he showed off his old age by recording 18 points, 4 rebounds and 3 steals. He said, “It was virtually the same as the match for first place in the group, so everyone tried to participate크크크벳. Everyone had a good shooting feel, so we were able to widen the gap from the beginning,” he said about the winning factor.

It was no exaggeration to say that the game was decided in the first and second quarters, such as widening the score from the beginning. He said, “Goyang City Hall ace Jung Heung-ju is so good that he can’t stop them all. He said that he should give something to give, but not allow the rest of the players to score,” he said. He said that he could afford it physically, so he moved a lot and used the fast attack. He honestly felt burdened because he could have been in a situation where he did not know what would happen if he lost, but he believed in the skills of his teammates and was confident in winning, so there was no big burden.”

In particular, the looseness shown in the match against LG Innotek on the 22nd was nowhere to be found. Since it was an important match, he must have been mentally armed. He, who is the most senior member of the team, said, “Since there are a lot of people in attendance, I am running through rotation. He seemed to have to gather and train on a regular basis so that he could use the pattern, and he said to push physically, so grab a rebound and give a pass, run and score, and work hard in the backcourt. I just said to push with momentum.”

Samsung Electronics SSIT finished all of the preliminaries with the last game of the day. Based on the 3 games, there will be things that went well and things that need to be improved. He said, “I am used to the process of moving and positioning when attacking, so the process of making open opportunities by looking for empty seats is working well. On the other hand, there are many cases where I am loose in boxing out to get rid of the rebound and I am not paying attention to the timing, so I sometimes allow pursuit, but I will increase my concentration and make up for it.

” Samsung Electronics SSIT, which has confirmed its advance. Future: “Personally, I couldn’t exercise for about two years due to the corona crisis, but I started again at the end of last year. Because I was in a hurry, I got injured, so I try to exercise mainly for the lower body,” he said. “I think we should get together and train. If you advance to the finals, your loose mind will disappear. I think I need to prepare a pattern so that I can break the man-to-man defense. And they are all difficult teams, but they are teams that have played a lot in the past. I will prepare thoroughly so as not to be pushed back physically,” he said, expressing his aspirations for the final.

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