Bae Soo-yong, who transformed into a youth leader, “I enjoy it more now than when I was a player”

“These days, I’m really enjoying my life because of my children.”

Assist For You (Assist For Youth) project, which is underway for the development of youth basketball in Korea from 2022. Former professional basketball player Bae Soo-yong is working as a coach at the Bundang Samsung Basketball Classㅋㅋㅋ벳, which is working together with this project, drawing attention. 

Bae Su-yong, who graduated from Gyeseong High School and Kyunghee University, joined Hyundai Mobis in the 10th place in the first round in 2014 and retired from Samsung last year. During his active career, Bae Su-song was well-received as a player with a high level of contribution by taking on the dirty work.

He left the court at a rather early age, but after his retirement, Bae Soo-yong stepped into the youth basketball world without a break.

Bae Su-yong said, “When I was at Samsung, I asked Seong-joon Lim, director of the Samsung Basketball Class in Jamsil, who was a power analyst, and said, ‘I also want to work in the youth field.’ I started working in the basketball class in July of last year,” he said about the opportunity to work as a coach in the youth basketball class.  

Bae Su-yong, who said that tutoring the children is not difficult because he likes original children, said, “The children may be a bit afraid of me. I am very proud to see the children’s skills are gradually improving. Fortunately, the children are following along well, and I am having a lot of fun in guiding them, so I think there are more good things than hard things.” 

Bae Soo-yong, who transformed into a youth leader, led the team to victory in the 2023 Hoengseong Hanwoo Youth Basketball Club’s strongest match, which ended on the 23rd. 

Bae Su-yong, who passionately gave instructions to the children throughout the game, said, “The most important thing for the children is ‘basic skills’ and ‘confidence.’ I always say that I will do it. Since my lack of confidence in my days as a player remains as a regret, I want my children to show more confidence on the court than anyone else, so I am educating them that way,” he said, “I want my children to go to the game, so I want to play with skills rather than basic skills.” “It’s a pity. Basic skills are more important, and running confidently on the court can look good for a long time, so basic skills and confidence are emphasized very much,” he explained. 

He said, “Since these are still young students, this kind of guidance will be scary and nervous, but our children have great abilities and there are many friends who show a change in it. After training with me for about a year now, their skills have improved and they are enjoying I am very proud to see this,” he added. 

Bae Su-yong, who jumped into society without a break after retirement, was asked if it was difficult. I’m living. These days, I just want my children to enjoy basketball without injury,” he said, adding that he enjoyed working with basketball rather than resting. 

Bae Su-yong, who emphasized the basic skills and confidence of the children throughout the interview, said, “Among the friends who are learning basketball at the club, there are children who give a pass to a good friend and run away. Even though they are friends, basketball becomes boring if they run away from the ball already because they are tied to their skills. At least, I hope that all the children I teach will learn basketball happily without injury, and wherever they play basketball, they will be evaluated as having ‘good basic skills and confidence’. I will work hard,” he said, emphasizing basic skills and confidence until the end. Assist For Youth is a project that assists to spread youth basketball by joining forces with youth basketball classes across the country from 2022. Inquiries about joining the Up For You Project can be made through the official Instagram account (@assist_for_youth).  

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