“Anywhere is fine” Choi Ji-man-Santana are all first base agents, what is Shelton’s decision?

Who will be the starting first baseman for the Pittsburgh Pirates? Coach Derek Shelton is paying attention to Choi Ji-man (32) and Carlos Santana (37). 먹튀검증

The US local media ‘Pittsburgh Baseball Now’ paid attention to Santana and Choi Ji-man on the 22nd (Korean time), saying, “We have to wait and see how Pittsburgh will divide the duties of first base.”

The media said, “Pittsburgh recruited free agent Santana and brought only Choi through a trade with Tampa Bay. Both players assume first base duty. “It would be easiest for Shelton to have one as the starting first baseman and the other primarily as the designated hitter.”

But it’s not as easy as you say. Both players take turns taking breaks. Santana is in his late 30s and Choi Ji-man is in his early 30s. Choi Ji-man is younger, but he needs to manage his stamina to have a long season.

Plus, Pittsburgh outfielder Andrew McCutchen is 37 years old. The media said, “Director Shelton wants McCutchen to start as a designated hitter.”

“I’m fine wherever the team needs me,” Santana said. that is not important. If I need a first baseman job, I can do it, and if a designated hitter is needed, I can do it. Anything that helps the team is fine.”

Last season, he played 76 games (74 starts) as a first baseman and 50 games (47 starts) as a designated hitter. He made one substitute appearance in right field while he was with Seattle.

Choi Ji-man played 98 games (92 starts) as a first baseman and 12 games (10 starts) as a designated hitter in Tampa Bay last year. The media said, “Even Choi Ji-man is willing to do as he is told.”

Shelton will decide as he prepares for the season. Among the new faces recruited by Pittsburgh, attention is focusing on who Shelton will pick as the starting first baseman.

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