Another Heimlich method that saved people… Toronto manager who became a hero in the restaurant

The Heimlich first aid method saved another life. New coach John Schneider (43) of the Toronto Blue Jays, a major league team of Ryu Hyun-jin (36), saved a citizen from suffocation due to a blocked airway in a public restaurant using the Heimlich Act.

On the 20th (Korean time),, the official homepage of Major League Baseball, said, “Coach Schneider saved a woman at a local restaurant.” A woman who collapsed in another seat was saved by performing the Heimlich maneuver.”온라인카지노

The woman who collapsed collapsed from choking on the shrimp dish. At this time, director Schneider made a woman vomit food using the Heimlich maneuver. The Heimlich maneuver is an emergency treatment that applies pressure to the chest to expel foreign objects that have blocked the airway.

Coach Schneider said, “I have long forgotten the Heimlich method I learned in the sixth grade. “I don’t know how he remembered the Heimlich maneuver,” he said. “I think my size helped.”

The woman who survived thanked Director Schneider without knowing his identity. Director Schneider said, “I didn’t want praise. He said thank you and went on to eat with his friends. He and I just said ‘see you next time’. He says again and again, I didn’t want praise.”

Director Schneider, not wanting to attach much importance to it, joked and laughed, saying, “As I saw in the movie, the shrimp didn’t come out (from the neck) like champagne popping.” However, the restaurant manager, who must have been heartbroken, went to TD Ball Park to thank Schneider and his wife. Director Schneider said that he received ‘free beer’ as a reward and said, “I will drink it usefully.”

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