A woman who refused to contact Apgujeong was hit by a ‘full swing’ price… passed out with her bones broken

Amidst the recent increase in ‘don’t ask assault’ crimes with unclear motives, an incident in which a woman was hit in the face by a man in the middle of Gangnam, Seoul is causing public anger. Her victim passed out with her man’s fist shattering her bones, and she is said to be receiving hospital treatment, including surgery to insert her artificial bone.

On the 19th, SBS ‘Curious Story Y’ released a teaser video titled ‘Apgujeong Punch Man, Why Did His Fist Go To Her’.

According to the video, on the 7th at around 2:30 am, a man punched a defenseless woman on a road in Apgujeong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

The three men at the scene approached victim A and asked for his contact information, but Mr. A refused, saying he was married.

In the meantime, one of the party ran up to Mr. A and swung her fist. Mr. A collapsed on the spot, and the perpetrator left the scene without taking any action on the fallen victim.

Mr. A lost his memory for 30 seconds and collapsed. Her white coat was wet with blood, and the bones of her face were shattered to the point where her forehead was protruding.

Those who witnessed the situation at the time said, “I ran about 5 meters and hit it with a full swing” and “It hit me like a punch machine카지노사이트.”

Mr. A said, “I keep having nightmares,” and “the perpetrator hit her face while saying 000.

Mr. A, who graduated from the Department of Theater and Film, dreamed of becoming an actor, but it is said that his bones were broken in this accident and he is about to undergo artificial bone implantation surgery.

Previously, on an Internet community, a story was posted about a woman in her 60s in Choryang-dong, Dong-gu, Busan, who requested that the perpetrators be severely punished after being subjected to so-called ‘don’t ask assault’.

On the 19th, ‘Help! In an article titled “My mother was assaulted without asking,” the woman who introduced herself as the victim’s daughter said, “My mother is 67 years old and has been running the store alone for 22 years. “he said.

The author of the article said, “The perpetrator was hiding after the party went back, and the moment my mother went to the bathroom, he chased after me and mercilessly grabbed my hair and hit me in the face without letting me avoid it, and assaulted me.” He said he continued to assault him.”

He continued, “Even though he was unconscious, he was assaulted, and he had to receive a blood transfusion during the treatment process due to 8 fractured ribs, a fractured nasal bone, and kidney bleeding.” It’s so unfair,” he exclaimed.

She said, “Her grandmother said that she had to give her grandchildren some pocket money, and it was a store she could barely keep up with.”

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