A senior ‘iron pillar’ to a junior… “Kim Min-jae, a fast and perfect player”

Giuseppe Bruce Colotti, who was called the ‘iron pillar’ before Kim Min-jae, praised Kim Min-jae.

Napoli is going to have a historic season this season. Napoli are moving closer to the Scudetto this season온라인바카라. They are currently leading the league with 71 points from 27 games played. Napoli are on the verge of winning their first title since Diego Maradona’s 1989-90 season.

At the center is Kim Min-jae. Kim Min-jae is having a ‘previous season’ this season. The fact that it is his debut season is showing stable defensive power in his first season in Serie A. Coach Luciano Spalletti believes in Kim Min-jae’s defense, coverage, and football intelligence, and can induce other players to advance, which makes it possible to implement aggressive football.

While Kim Min-jae is performing tremendously every day, praise for him continues. Bruce Colotti, who was nicknamed the ‘Iron Pillar’ in the past, praised Kim Min-jae. The nickname “Iron Pillar” is now known as Kim Min-jae’s nickname, but the player who was called the Iron Pillar before him was Bruce Colotti.

Bruce Colotti is a Neapolitan legend. He played 17 years in Napoli alone, playing 507 matches. This record is the second highest in Napoli’s history, behind Marek Hamsik. His position during his active career was right back, but he was also nicknamed the Iron Pillar for his excellent defensive skills.

Bruce Colotti said in an interview with the Italian media ‘Canale 21’, “Kim Min-jae is an impressive defender. I also played predictive defense in the past, but Kim Min-jae is really fast.”

He continued, “Kim Min-jae performs amazingly and is very helpful to the team. He predicts the opponent’s movements in advance and defends, which eliminates the mistakes of his teammates. He is a player with the qualifications to become the best.” praised

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