A little fluke and skill. Taejoon Oh, Montes, first semifinal – High1 PBA Championship

Oh Tae-jun defeated Montes 3-2 in the quarterfinals of the ‘2022 High1 Resort PBA Championship’ held on the 15th (Jeongseon High1 Resort) and passed the quarterfinals for the first time.

Oh Tae-Jun led the match by winning the 1st and 3rd sets. Montes tenaciously caught up with the 2nd and 4th sets.

The same was true for the match set, the 5th set. Oh Tae-jun took the lead with two consecutive hits at the end of the first inning, but Montes immediately chased after him in the second inning. And it became a seesaw game.

2:2 turned upside down to 5:6, 7:6, and 8:7. The final blow was Oh Tae-Jun’s 7th inning comeback bank shot. It was possible to get in and out, but I got hit on the way back and thanks to that, I fired 3 consecutive hits.

I missed the match point, but Montes was also stuck and couldn’t raise the chase point. Oh Tae-jun did not miss the opportunity and scored the last 11 points to close the long game in 8 innings.

Oh Tae-joon had some luck. 3 consecutive hits in the first set and 3 consecutive hits in 6 innings were possible thanks to Zhong.

It was a bit short or long, but twice the second object ball jumped out and touched my inner air. He thought that the 14th point would also be missed, but thanks to the target ball, it was scored. It was the set point of the first set to lead the game in an advantageous way.안전놀이터

Antes landed five bank shots in the second set. His two-touch bank shot with 13 points was excellent.

Oh Tae-jun, who won the third set 15:6, faltered again in the fourth set. Montes’ bank shot, which was the key to winning the second set, continued to miss.

However, when Tae-Jun Oh failed to hit, Montes, who seized the opportunity, fired 3, 5, and 4 consecutive hits from 6 innings, winning 15:7, 2-2. However, the final blow was not delivered, and luck did not follow.

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