‘7 wins in 7 matches, 2 points in ERA’ The king of multi-battery bombing of the 2nd team is an LG pitcher who will be discharged in June

Lee Sang-young (Chief Executive Officer), who will return to LG after being discharged in June, is running for first place in the Futures League. 7 matches, 7 wins.

Lee Sang-young took the mound as a starting pitcher in the Futures League match against Hanwha 2nd Division held at Mungyeong Stadium on the 18th, and pitched well with 6 hits, 1 walk, 5 strikeouts and 2 runs in 6 innings (109 pitches), becoming the winning pitcher.

On this day, the Hanwha 2nd Army, Noh Soo-gwang, Kim Tae-yeon, Kim Geon, Jang Jin-hyuk, Yoo Sang-bin, Lee Jung-jae, Lee Do-yoon메이저놀이터, Lee Jae-yong, and Kim Min-ki played in the starting lineup.

In the first inning, Noh Soo-gwang struck out three pitches, and Kim Tae-yeon also struck out three pitches. Kim Gun ended with a tripartite throw to second baseman. In the second inning, Jang Jin-hyeok struck out, and Yoo Sang-bin got two outs with a floating ball in right field. Lee Jung-jae went on base due to a shortstop catch error, but Lee Do-yoon finished the inning with a fly ball to right fielder.

In the 3rd inning, leading 2-0, Lee Jae-yong struck out first baseman Min-ki Kim and Noh Soo-gwang walked. Kim Tae-yeon continued to score no runs with a straight hit to second baseman for the first pitch.

Sangmu took a 5-0 lead with Choi Won-joon’s solo home run and three consecutive hits in the third inning. After one out in the fourth inning, Lee Sang-young allowed Jang Jin-hyeok a double in the middle right. In the crisis of conceding points, Yoo Sang-bin was treated as a shortstop ground ball and Lee Jung-jae as a center fielder floating ball.

He allowed five runs. After a hit by Lee Do-yoon and a strikeout, he was hit by Kim Min-ki and became first and second base. Noh Soo-gwang got 2 outs with a fly ball to left field, but Tae-yeon Kim hit a triple and gave up 2 runs.

After one death in the 6th episode, Yoo Sang-bin and Lee Jung-jae hit consecutive hits. Lee Do-yoon’s hit to the left was quickly thrown by the left fielder to third base, and the runner on second base was out, resulting in a grounder in left field. He finished the inning with a ground ball to the first baseman in the 2nd and 1st and 2nd bases.

Lee Sang-young has 7 wins and an average ERA of 2.68 in 7 Futures League games. 1st in most wins in the Futures League. In 40⅓ innings pitched, he has 32 hits, 23 strikeouts, 9 walks and a .219 batting average. Except for the sluggish performance with 6 runs in 5⅓ innings against the Doosan 2nd team on the 4th, the remaining 6 games allowed 2 runs or less in each game, a total of 6 runs.

Lee Sang-young will return to LG when he is discharged in June. Joined LG in the 2nd 1st round of the 2019 rookie draft, and in the first year of his debut, he pitched in 3 games in the 1st team and scored 5 runs in 2⅔ innings (average ERA of 16.83).

He recorded an average ERA of 4.32 with 1 win and 1 loss in 21 games in the 2021 season, and joined the Sangmu baseball team after the season. He played an active role as an ace in the Futures League last year, recording 22 games, 10 wins, 3 losses, and an average ERA of 3.31.

Coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said, “When Lee Sang-young returns, he will be appointed as a starter.” He is constantly in the starting rotation at Sangmu, so it is expected that he will not need any time to adjust to throwing as a starter upon his return.

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