’50th anniversary’ Pohang, revealing logo and artwork ‘SYMBOLS OF POHANG’

Pohang Steelers unveiled the logo and artwork ‘SYMBOLS OF POHANG’ to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the foundation.먹튀검증

As this logo and artwork commemorate the 50th anniversary of the foundation of Pohang Steelers, not only buildings that represent Pohang Steelers, such as the steel yard and clubhouse, but also long-standing symbols of Pohang such as Pohang Steelworks, Hyeongsan Bridge, and the Hand of Coexistence, as well as Yeongildae Maritime Pavilion. , Hwanho Park, Space Walk, and other recent landmarks were designed by reinterpreting old and new symbols of Pohang in a modern way. In addition to this, wit was added to the work by simplifying and designing the local specialty, Gwamegi, and the Marine Corps, which is based in Pohang, graphically.

For the design of the logo and artwork for the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Pohang Steelers, only three colors were used, including black and red, the current symbolic colors of the club, plus white. The artwork was expressed more sensibly by completing the design using only straight lines, diagonal lines, and circles in limited colors.

‘SYMBOLS OF POHANG’, which will be used in various places where visual elements are needed, such as large banners hanging in the steel yard this season, offline promotional materials, and online contents, is a brand that pursues a design that adds story and value and gives vitality and continuity to the brand. It was produced in collaboration with Bona Creative.

On the other hand, Pohang Steelers’ first game this year, which marked the 50th anniversary of its founding, will be held on February 26th (Sun) at 2:00 pm at Pohang Steel Yard against Daegu FC as a home opener.

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