4 Ways to Relax in a Scandinavian Living Room

Because the Vikings gave the importance of rest comfort and enjoyment b in daily life To make the living room lively , have furniture or decorations that Helps to increase comfort in every routine and workmanship, so it is one of the important things that Vikings or those 바카라사이트 who Loving comfort takes a special place.

Today IMG Thailand  therefore would like to invite you to get to know the room play in Scandinavian style to help fill the happiness Relax your home with 4 easy ways that are not difficult to follow.

Method 1: Decorate the living room with cloth or wool rugs to add warmth and relaxation
, which the Scandinavians are famous for. Yong in the decoration of the development area relax to be comfortable Keep it simple and relaxed by using fabrics, rugs or furs to decorate the room. Can you imagine a thick knit blanket or a sheepskin rug with soft cushions? and how relaxed

Method 2: Choose to use natural color tones in the room.
to create an aesthetic atmosphere Simple and relaxed Scandi. Navien gives your living room should choose the color of the room wall or furniture in close tones close to natural colors as much as possible because it will help make it feel like Stay close to nature It also gives a feeling of warmth , comfort and earthy shades that are commonly used. In Scandinavian home decor, it ‘s dark grey, grey, brown, pastel blue, pastel green, etc. Check out the colors from IMG Comfort here!

Method 3: Choose the right lighting. (The more natural light, the better)
. The Scandinavian house is Oh… the light inside the house. to make the atmosphere inside the house look clear and relaxed Decorate your home to allow natural light to shine through. Try decorating it with large windows and blinds or thin curtains. in order for the light to pass through can be brought inside the house Or maybe try adding a lamp that gives soft light and spread in many directions To help create a relaxed mood, suitable for relaxation throughout the day.

Method 4 Decorate with simple design furniture
because it is the heart of home decoration. Scandinavian style is simplicity Therefore, it is essential to be attentive and meticulous in selecting furniture. The furniture is suitable for the home. of the Scandinavian style Must be furniture design , simple but outstanding. beautiful by yourself and still have to be used for real feel comfortable Relax with residents such as simple leather sofas in earth tones, rugs and side tables to help add warmth. and comfortable while resting

and if you want to increase comfort To take relaxation to the living room to another level , try the IMG reclining chair that comes with a simple design. scandinavian Giving a soft touch, soft and comfortable, and in addition to a beautiful, modern design , it can also support the body of the user correctly according to ergonomics (Ergonomics) as well. It is considered a chair for health. go with you to enjoy and can relax in every posture

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