311 home run legend Noh Si-hwan’s shadow of failure in his desperate confession

Noh Si-hwan (23), the No. 4 hitter in the new era of Hanwha, went through a lot of trial and error last year.

His batting average slightly increased to 0.281, but his home runs, which were 18 in the 2021 season, were reduced to 6.

Noh Si-hwan himself said,슬롯사이트 “It was a problem that I was afraid of strikeouts. As he tried not to strike out, the hitting point was pushed back, and the timing naturally delayed. In the end, because of that timing, the number of home runs was greatly reduced

He declared that he would try to hit the home run again this season. The key to change is to bring forward the hitting timing that was pushed back.

However, there is no guarantee that Roh Si-hwan’s efforts will always be successful. Because he has no right answer to hitting. Between a home run and a hit, countless players struggled to find the answer.

But the answer is not so easy to find. This is because it is not so easy to hit.

Hanwha-born legend Kim Tae-gyun, who hit 311 homers in his career, is also one of the protagonists who have been constantly and desperately trying to find the right answer.

By the time he found his own answer, the time for his retirement had already come. Somewhere in Kim Tae-gyun’s realization, there is the answer Noh Si-hwan is looking for.

Kim Tae-gyun said this in a column he recently published on a portal site.

I had high expectations for how far Kang Baek-ho would go. However, each person has a very different opinion. Kang Baek-ho, who made a splendid debut with 29 homers (12th) in 2018, must have seen 16 homers as small. Kang Baek-ho said he heard a lot of advice to hit 40 or 50 home runs. I didn’t force it openly, but my colleagues and fans expected it that way.

In fact, he was steadily growing. His batting average and on-base percentage rose. In 2021, Kang Baek-ho’s WAR (based on contribution to victory and statistic compared to substitute players) was 6.35, ranking third among batters in the league. Still, he was under a lot of stress. I told Kang Baek-ho, “It’s good to listen to advice, but don’t be too swayed by those words. Then you may miss your strengths. Sometimes you can find your own answer in the process of pushing your way.”

Kang Baek-ho seemed to have a firm philosophy about himself. He said, “I think it is a good hitter to be able to hit according to the situation.” That was a very good answer I heard.

Of course, the home run is the flower of baseball. We all know that a game can be decided by a single shot, and the success or failure of a season can be decided.

In fact, all hitters want to hit a home run. I was like that, and so were my seniors and juniors. Who wouldn’t want to hit a home run like Seung-Yeop Lee when entering the plate?

It’s what everyone dreams of, but not everyone achieves it. In the 40-year history of the KBO League, only senior Lee Seung-yeop did that. After that, Park Byeong-ho was recognized as a hitter capable of hitting 50 home runs in a season. This means that not everyone can be like Lee Seung-yeop.

It doesn’t mean don’t dream. Professional players must have big goals, of course. Coaches should also help players grow bigger. It is only natural that fans are waiting for the next Lee Seung-yeop.

Still, I agree with Kang Baek-ho’s thoughts. If you just try to increase the number of home runs, your body will strain. swing breaks down Then you may lose your advantage. As Kang Baek-ho said, I think we should try to become a ‘better hitter’ rather than hit ‘more home runs’. Then you can find a method and style that suits you. Senior Lee Seung-yeop and Park Byeong-ho also went through that process and became the best home run hitters.

It can be said that this confession also contains the answer Noh Si-hwan is looking for. It can be found in Kim Tae-gyun’s confession that Noh Si-hwan’s will to hit a home run can hit the wall of greed.

It is natural for Noh Si-hwan to aim for a home run. It is true that in Hanwha, if Roh Si-hwan does not hit a lot of home runs, it is true that batters who aim for more than 20 home runs are not very noticeable.

This is why Noh Si-hwan’s shoulders are heavy. But if you think that he can easily put the burden down, you are very mistaken. Like Kim Tae-kyun’s confession, Lee Seung-yeop alone can be said to be a successful case in finding a solution.

Kim Tae-gyun also made a desperate effort to find the answer. But it’s hard to see him as completely successful. Kim Tae-kyun was also a hitter who always struggled with the fact that the number of home runs was not up to expectations and tried hard to find an answer.

However, even Kim Tae-gyun could not find the answer completely. It is difficult to see that he has achieved his goal of becoming a home run hitter.

Kim Tae-gyun’s confession Noh Si-hwan is located somewhere in the despair. Noh Si-hwan’s determination to increase the number of home runs does not guarantee his success. It may end up wandering somewhere near the correct answer. This is why Noh Si-hwan must carefully choose his transformation into a home run hitter.

Will Noh Si-hwan be able to find the answer that Kim Tae-gyun was so desperate to find? A very experimental and important period is approaching for Roh Si-hwan.

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