2 draws, 7 losses & defeat rate 77.7%… Suwon Samsung in crisis, first win of the season is still an agent

9 out of 2 draws and 7 losses.’

This is the present address of메이저놀이터 Suwon Samsung, which was a famous traditional house in the past.

One more lose. Suwon, led by acting manager Choi Seong-yong, lost 0-1 to Pohang Steelers in the 9th round of Hana One Q K League 1 (Part 1) 2023 held at Pohang Steel Yard at 7:30 pm on the 25th.

With this, Suwon has continued its 9th winless streak since the opening of the season. 2 draws, 7 losses, 2 points. Still in the lowest place, even 1 win is far away. This season, along with Gangwon FC, Suwon is the only team without a win in the K-League 1.

Suwon was desperate for one win in the Pohang expedition. With Jeon Jin-woo and Kim Joo-chan at the head, Kim Bo-kyung, Bassani, Yoo Je-ho, Jeong Seung-won, Bultuis, Han Ho-gang, Jang Ho-ik, and Yang Hyeong-mo as goalkeepers formed a starting lineup to try to rebound. However, it collapsed again without being able to overcome the first goal conceded to Kim Seung-dae in the 4th minute of the first half. 7 losses in 9 matches. The loss rate is 77.7%. Now, Suwon has become a team that loses 8 times out of 10 matches.

In the 18th minute of the first half, Suwon took out Kim Joo-chan and pulled out a tall Mulich card. At halftime, Park Dae-won took the place of Jung Seung-won. In the 13th minute of the second half, Bassani and Lee Sang-min were removed, and Accostier national team side defender Lee Ki-je was also put in. In the 31st minute of the second half, Han Ho-gang was finally called in and even Ryu Seung-woo’s card was taken out.

But it all ended in vain. The iron four of Pohang, leading to Shim Sang-min, Grant, Ha Chang-rae, and Park Seung-wook, was solid. Suwon struggled with Pohang’s offensive led by Jeka at the end of the second half. Even the score of 0-1 was fortunate. 

In sports, the expression of loss rate is not usually used. However, the current Suwon is more suitable for the defeat rate than the win rate. As such, it has become a team that is more accustomed to losing than to winning. Although coach Lee Byeong-geun was sacked and the system changed, the first win of the season is still far away. In order to avoid relegation this season, the atmosphere must be set to some extent under the acting manager Choi system. First of all, just one win, the first step is to win the ‘first win of the season’, which is more thirsty than ever.

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