‘2 consecutive losses’ coach Park Dong-hyuk “It’s all my fault, the result is my responsibility…I’ll come to my senses first”

“It’s all my fault. I’m upset and angry.”

Chungnam Asan lost to Gyeongnam FC in the 29th round of the ‘Hana One Q K League 2 2023’ held at 7:00 pm on the 29th at Yi Sun-shin Sports Complex. lost by 1 As Chungnam-Asan suffered two consecutive losses, the atmosphere became even more down.

Lee Chan-wook conceded a goal in the 18th minute and was dragged away. Chungnam-Asan gave strength to the attack, but inaccurate linkages continued and the decision power fell significantly. I chose a change to put Kim Hye-seong in the front line in the second half, but there was no big effect. In the end, Chungnam Asan lost 0-1 and bowed their heads.

At the post-game press conference, coach Park Dong-hyuk said, “It was difficult to play using the speed and tempo because of the poor ground conditions. Regarding the first goal conceded, I conceded a goal by giving away a corner kick with irresponsible play. I tried to make up for it. I tried to score with a wider gap. The mindset to try somehow even in the midst of hardship came from the playground. This result came about because I was lacking. The results were not good compared to the efforts of the players. No luck. Opportunity to rebound. will come. Outsiders look intimidated, but you have to overcome yourself. All team members need to find themselves. It’s important to devote yourself to the players and make them do well. It’s because of me. I’m upset and angry. “I have to wake up first,” he said in general.

Goalkeeper Mun Hyeon-ho gave up the first goal. “He looked like he was crying during the high five. He seemed upset and unhappy because he thought he could have prevented it. He said, ‘Well done, this is an experience.’ He also said that it was okay because he had a good experience. I think he will become a bigger player if he has experience, so if he uses these experiences, he will definitely become a good player.”먹튀검증

There was an appearance of using midfielder Kim Hye-seong as a striker. “Aponza is not smooth in the air ball situation. The time and the real match were different. It’s unfortunate that the strikers didn’t score. I continued training to score points, but I’m upset because I couldn’t score. It’s also necessary to score goals with my own ability. It’s not the ranking I wanted, but my confidence has fallen. Result It is my responsibility. The players have to show on the field. I will try to help the players do better.”

Regarding the defense, he commented, “I am not 100% satisfied. There is definitely dissatisfaction in the invisible parts. .

In the future, when asked what he would focus on improving in the game, he said, “First of all, it’s scoring. You need goals to win. It’s really unfortunate that there aren’t many goals.

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