116 million people a day… Madongseok’s fist was stronger than ‘Avatar 2’

The movie “Crime City 3” attracted 1.16 million moviegoers in three days. This is the highest single-day attendance of any movie released this year. Gathering momentum메이저놀이터, “Crime City 3” surpassed 4 million viewers a day later on the 4th.

According to the Korean Film Council’s Integrated Movie Ticketing System, “Crime City 3” has accumulated more than 4 million moviegoers as of noon on the 4th. This was achieved in five days after its release on the 31st of last month. This is two days faster than its predecessor, “Criminal City 2,” which crossed the 4 million mark in its first week of release, making it the only Korean film to cross the 4 million mark since “Gong Jo 2: International” in September last year.

‘Crime City 3’ is continuing its momentum. On the third day, a whopping 1,162,598 people came to see the movie. A representative from the film’s production company, AVIO Entertainment, said, “This is the highest single-day attendance of any Korean film except for ‘Myeongrang’ (2014), ‘With God and Man and Kite’ (2018), and ‘To Busan’ (2016), which were released during the summer vacation season.” The highest daily attendance was 820,000 for “Avatar: The Water Way,” which opened last December and crossed the 10 million mark this year.

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