11 new athletics teams established in Daejeon in January next year

 11 new athletics teams in Daejeon are expected to be established in January next year.

On the 19th, Daejeon City signed a business agreement to revitalize professional sports with five autonomous districts, Woosong University, Daejeon University of Science and Technology, Daejeon Public Health University, Gyeryong Construction, and Daejeon Sports Council at the city hall conference room.

This agreement was made as a follow-up procedure at the city/district cooperation meeting held in February, when Mayor Lee Jang-woo and the heads of the five autonomous districts agreed to foster the establishment of workplace sports teams (employment teams), and even local universities and companies agreed on the creation of sports teams. .먹튀검증

A total of 11 teams are scheduled to be established in the new athletics department, including 1 team from Daejeon City, 4 teams from autonomous districts, 1 team from the Sports Association, 4 teams from universities, and 1 team from Gyeryong Construction. Details such as the sports to be founded are being coordinated and negotiated, and the goal is to be founded in January 2024.

Currently, 11 organizations (organizations) are operating 32 teams in 21 sports at workplace athletics departments in the Daejeon region, and Yuseong-gu is the only autonomous district athletics department.

Through the agreement, the city promised to provide financial support to autonomous districts, universities, and companies that are creating athletics departments, and the agreement organizations promised to actively strive to establish teams and recruit and foster excellent players.

Mayor Lee Jang-woo said, “Going forward, we will spare no effort in making Daejeon a first-class sports city by expanding the base of recreational sports and developing professional sports at the same time.”

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